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The Card That Can Save Your Life — Daytona Beach

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The Card That Can Save Your Life is the Quik-Script medical information card, it is a hard plastic, credit card sized, water-proof, imprinted card that contains vital life-saving information.

What is on the Card?

Name, Address, phone number, emergency contact information, allergies, medical conditions, medications, MD name and number, and many other items all imprinted on a small hard plastic card.

Who needs this card?

Every man, woman and child that has a medical condition, allergy, prescription medication, has memory problems, has suffered a brain injury, is a medically fragile child, an older adult, has a disability, in other words "who doesn't need this card?"

How can I get this card?

GO to: and order yours today it is only $14.95 for the card, shipping, handling, imprinting, and the red vinyl case it comes in that will fit easily in your pocket, purse, wallet, glove compartment, backpack, orfanny pack.

check the site again soon as we will be adding items: quik-script pet card and home and auto window decals to alert emergency personnel that you have a Quik-script card in your possession.

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